Monday, April 18, 2011

Step one ... get your writing out of the house.

The Easter break is a great time to unwind and enjoy the autumn sunshine.

Maybe you like to enjoy ...

  • a few lattes or drinks out with friends,

  • go to the footy and let off some steam at the opposition

  • lie on the couch with a good book and lots of yummy chocolate.
It is also a great time to get your writing out of your
or scribbled notes
and send it out into the BIG WIDE WORLD of publishing.

Writing? I did say writing, didn’t I? When, amongst all the reading, researching assignments, handing in work and eating chocolate do you get time to write, let alone send your work out there?

As a new and emerging writer the thought of one person reading your work, let alone many people reading your work is scary. However, if you want to be a writer, eventually someone other than your teacher or your mum, your boyfriend or your girlfriend is going to have to read your work.

A great way to start testing the waters is to try competitions first. Most competitions are free to enter, although some do ask for an entry fee - this ranges from $5-$20.

There are competitions to suit all styles,

  • fiction,

  • non-fiction,

  • poetry

  • sci-fi.
The best thing about competitions is that your entry is anonymous to the short-listing panel. They don’t know who you are and so when they read your story, they are looking at your work, not YOU.

This is a good thought to keep in mind, especially if you are unsuccessful.

It’s not you, it’s the story.

That leads me to another topic ... rejection; more about that another day.

You can find information on competitions from your local library, school campus, and the Victorian Writers’ Centre (VWC). The VWC has a log book full of entry forms which you can photocopy or ask them to mail out.

By Anna Brasier

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