Friday, April 15, 2011

More Holiday Homework

I lost my faith in humanity the other day. No, it was not some kind of profound experience I had where someone did something horrible to me and that sort of thing, you need to actually leave the house for that to happen. It was when I tuned into the radio and on came a song by techno/rap group 3oh!3 called "Don't Trust Me". It contains the lyrics, and this is no joke "I said shush girl/ shut your lips/ and do the Helen keller and talk with your hips". Three words, "WHAT THE FUCK?"
For anyone who doesn't know, Helen Keller was the famous girl who was blind and deaf and through the help of a committed teacher and carer, was still able to learn to communicate with others and lead a meaningful life. The story of Helen Keller is an inspirational tale of succeeding despite severe adversity, as 3oh!3 would have you think, she was a sexy deaf/blind diva who communicated through a series of girating and thrusting.
Are they serious? Or is it a tongue in cheek comment on the way pop culture references are used meaninglessly just to fill in lyric space in awful, awful songs. I'm guessing, since the song also contains the lyrics "don't trust a hoe", it would be the first option, don't exactly sound like the most lyrically profound group do they. Their music's shit too!
Meaningless pop culture references in lyrics by awful artists in an attempt to sound profound are all around these days. The Black Eyed Peas are a repeat offender. Although it isn't exactly an endightment on the artists themselves. They can't help being shithouse wastes of space.
The fault lies at the feet of the public who are actually stupid enough to like this crap. Matter of fact: if you like Kesha, Train, Black Eyed Peas, Ben Lee, Usher, or any other of the hundreds and hundreds of people who are simply out there who like an artist simply because "they're hot" (except Ben Lee, he's shit and hideous), you're part of the problem to which I earlier pertained, and more urgently and seriously, you're a moron.

Jackson Clarke

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