Thursday, April 21, 2011

New-Age Pen

Usually, when I think of something brilliant and want to write it down, I struggle to find a pen or a piece of paper to record my inspired thought.

This may be due to two reasons:

1. my inspired thoughts often happen at strange times and places - no, not the toilet!

2. my inspiration, flashes of brilliance and WOW moments happen when I least expect them to.

Unexpected Places

I can be driving in my car, sitting on a train, or filling the trolley at the supermarket and POW! A great story idea,
opening line,
or snippet of dialogue knocks me over
begging for me to WRITE IT DOWN.

And we all know what happens when you don’t write it down ... sadly, like my secret stash of liquorice allsorts that I keep on the pantry’s top shelf out of my children’s reach, these brilliant thoughts somehow disappear before you know it and you can’t remember having them at all.

BUT unlike the liquorice, I can’t go out and buy another packet. Creative thought and inspiration doesn’t work like that, not for me.

Keeping a pen and notebook in my handbag isn’t a difficult thing to do, however I have recently found an even better way to avoid future ‘no pen and no paper’ moments in my life. I’ve started using the ‘notes’ app and ‘voice memo’ app on my iphone.

Technology is a wonderful thing, and although it will never replace the way I feel about a pen and paper, it is a great tool for getting down those early nuggets of writing gold.

By Anna Brasier

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