Friday, April 15, 2011

Jackson's post

I was required to submit to this blog. But at this stage I have absolutely nothing of any relevance or interest to say, so I guess it's the right time to be blogging. But enough with the jokes (that was a joke?), I guess I should say what I have been doing or thinking or whatnot, but my dilemma is I have not been doing or thinking anything. I have been dedicating my time to mastering the latest addiction of Grand Theft Auto (yes I meant to type "addiction" instead of "edition", another "joke"). I just clocked it and then remembere I have a life outside of this game, not much of a life but a life nontheless. GTA is kind of like crack, well not really but it's just as addictive, well not really but it seemed like a clever comparison when I started this sentence and I'm not going to edit my blog cos that's just crazy talk. Edit a blog? Whaaaa? I'm not editing my blog... You edit your blog if you love the idea of edited blogs so much. Just did a word check and I'm nowhere near the required amount. I could just repeat the same word over and over again the way I did for nanowrimo (another joke I would never cheat on such a thing), but I think these people actually read what people are writing on their blog. Part of the reason I don't use this as a means to incite racial hatred come to think of it. Damn honkys bringing me down! Sitting down listening to Mark Ronson sing the Bike Song. As you can probably guess it's about selling heroin to teenagers (geez what's with all the drug jokes this guy's got some issues). It's actually about riding a bike. Go figure. Just hit the 300 word mark and it's coming up to 2:30 on friday morning so I better be off to bed. Half my holiday homework requirement is now done. Am I a good student or what (no, not really).

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