Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama-1 Osama-0

The worlds most wanted man has been captured and killed.

He has been responsible for a huge amount of death and destruction. When the news was heard across the world, as you could imagine New York and many other places saw this news as a time to celebrate. And why wouldn't they. This is a huge break through for the Americans, and many places, in the fight against terrorism. Though the celebrations were frowned upon and angered the Islamic community I doubt the people celebrating are going to care. This being such huge news it is thought that this could either be a big step forward or maybe anger others to act out. It could even have no effect whatsoever, either way people are celebrating and it is a great development for many people, also bringing peace to many people who have been affected by his attacks.

After the amount of death he has brought this should be a time to celebrate, though terrorist attacks will not be ended by this, this is a huge break through for everyone. The director of the Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations (FAIR) has called these celebrations disgusting and said that we should have 'more respect towards humanity, even if they're bad guys'.

If this isn't a time to celebrate when is? If we weren't looking for him to capture him and stop him, why were we looking for him? Of course the world will be a better place without him, many people will feel safer and though 'an eye for an eye may make the whole world blind' I believe that we can live with that. Especially if it means Osama is no longer in this world, causing fear to some and heartbreak to others. Our thoughts go out to those victimised by the September 11 attacks, and hope this brings some peace.

Jessica Thompson

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